’21/’22 Weekly Match Roundup #1’21/’22 Weekly Match Roundup #1

Dear Arribans,

After a year of no competition, the games finally started again! In this weekly roundup you will find a short summary of all Arriba games of last week, as well as upcoming games for the next weekend!

Last week

Gents 3 had their first game on Friday and managed to win 61-65 against Amical after a thrilling overtime game.

On Saturday there were 2 away and 2 home games. Read more.

Arriba as an active associationArriba as an active association

Yesterday, the board and Menno had an exciting conversation with Ronald van Dam about how we, as an association, try to keep our members active during corona! We hope to inspire and motivate other associations to remain as active as possible as well!

Read the article via the link below!

https://www.basketball.nl/nieuwsoverzicht/hoe-arriba-in-coronatijd-een-actieve-basketbalvereniging-is-gebleven/ Read more.

Digital Team Presentations – an online get-togetherDigital Team Presentations – an online get-together

Regardless of the developments of the novel coronavirus, students are always craving social interactions. When the members of Arriba cannot get together physically, they will work hard to organise alternatives. 

An insight in how the players of Gents 3 sat together to watch the presentations

The annual team presentations, which are normally hosted in the Vestingbar also had to undergo the shift towards an online alternative. Read more.