Meet the GalaCie!
Traditionally, Arriba organizes an annual gala (prom) in cooperation with a handful of other student sports associations. A gala is the perfect chance to dress up in your best dress or suit and show off with your date. It is also a fun chance to get to know your Arribans and the members of other associations a bit better, accompanied by bottomless drinks and amazing music.
This year, the prom will be bigger than ever, in a collaboration with 8 associations. The GalaCie exists to represent Arriba’s best interest. Members will be informed about the gala by the committee, and the committee is part of the organization in collaboration with the other associations. The GalaCie consists of Rens as secretary of the committee, Rick who attends the umbrella meetings, Pim as chairman, and Cher, board representative.

Save the date! The gala will be held on the 7th of June, 2022. To prepare for the gala, we are also organizing a find your date activity as well as dance courses. Keep an eye on the Arriba channels for more information.