As the tournament committee of D.B.V. Arriba we organize, surprise, tournaments.
Even though basketball is usually played 5v5, a couple of times a year we organize a 3v3 tournament for people both from inside and outside the association. Good news: the winner even gets a prize!
Also we organize a New Year tournament (members only, oliebollen included). Here we do play 5v5 so you don’t have to work as much on an overly full stomach.
At the end of the season we come together for a final End of Year tournament (members only), where everybody can show their basketball skills one last time before going on holiday, doing nothing but being lazy and losing all of that skill.

Are you interested in helping organize these awesome events? Email us at
If you are not interested in joining the committee, but still want to participate in any of the tournaments, check the website for the dates. As a member you are welcome to all of them, and as a non-member you are welcome to join any of the 3×3 tournaments. See you soon!

ToeCie committee members
Joey Liddiard
Menno Dorland
Peter Poldervaart
Pim Langeveld