What more fun than playing basketball? Well, playing even more basketball of course!!! That why we, the ToeCie plan multiple 3×3 tournaments during the year, where you can show of your basketball skills. Are you a recreational who has always dreamed of posterizing a gents 1 player? Now is your chance. Are you a gents 1 player who always wanted to see how good your vertical is? Well, since you can only block the ladies with your head, good luck!

Every tournament also has a small skill challenge, where you can win great prizes such as chocolate, kruidnoten, or whatever is best for this years bulking season 😜. And if you don’t win? No worries, there is always the opportunity to win the tournament itself and get your prize in that way! Worst case scenario, you don’t win anything, but still have a fun day and join the rest of the players in the sports canteen afterwards for a drink!

See you all during the next tournament!

Please don’t break a leg,

The ToeCie

ToeCie committee members

  • Menno Dorland
  • Jelle Lensink
  • Daniëlle Schoonveld
  • Luuk Egers
  • Aleksa Drezga
  • Nikola Gladovic