Becoming a Member


At Arriba you can either play competition or participate in recreational basketball practices. A recreational member has practices on weekdays only while a league member plays also plays league matches in the weekends.

If you are interested in playing basketball at Arriba you can join some free training sessions to get acquainted. If you want to join these practices you can send an e-mail to the Secretary ( and then she will indicate when you can come along. The practices are in English.

If you decide to join Arriba you can download the application form from this website at the header “Downloads and Forms“. The completed application form can be put in the mailbox of Arriba in the Sports Centre or handed over to a teamcaptain or someone of the board. On the application form you can sign up for a quarter of a year, half a year or indefinitely. When you sign up for indefinite time and you do not unsubscribe before the 1st of September, you will automatically be subscribed for the subsequent season.


As a member of Arriba, there are several fees that you need to pay. Firstly, there are fees from the Union Card, which any person joining a University sports club is required to pay. The costs for UT students are:
– Union Card €50,- (one time purchase, valid for a year)
– Club Fee €22,50 (you need to pay this fee for every club you join)
For Saxion students the costs are the following:
– Union Card €100,-
– Club Fee €60,-

You can only buy the Union Card if you are a student at the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences or ArteZ (there are some exceptions). The Union Card can be purchased through You can also find additional information about the Union Card there. A guide on how to buy the Union Card and pay the club fee can be found here.

As a member of Arriba, you need to have an Unioncard. It costs € 50,- and is valid throughout the academic year for all sports clubs of the UT. You only can buy the Unioncard if you are a student of the University of Twente or Saxion (there are some exceptions). This Unioncard can be purchased through there you can also find more information about this card. Besides this, you need to pay a club fee for Arriba, which is € 22.50. A guide on how to guide the Unioncard and how to pay the fee can be found here.

Besides the Unioncard and club fee, Arriba has its own fee for members. Prices for the various categories can be found in the table below. Members for half a year will get a discount.

Finally, there are there are multiple ways to be an active member in Arriba. Whether it is organising activities or working behind the bar, these activities help the club and are also a lot of fun. Members of Arriba who are active in a committee or the barteam will get a discount on the contribution (€ 40,- for league players and € 20,- for recreational players).

Full year membership fees

Type of MemberArriba Club FeeUnion CardStudent Union Club FeeTotal costs for inactive membersTotal costs for active members
League Playing Member (Gents 1)€190,-€50,- €22,50€262,50€222,50
League Playing Member (Gents 2,3 and Ladies 1)€165,-€50,- €22,50 €237,50€197,50
Recreational Member€65,-€50,- €22,50€137,50€117,50