At Arriba you can either play competition or participate in recreational basketball practices. A recreational member has practices on weekdays only while a league member plays also plays league matches in the weekends.

If you are interested in playing basketball at Arriba you can join some free training sessions to get acquainted. If you want to join these practices you can send an e-mail to the Secretary ( and then she will indicate when you can come along. The practices are in English.

To check the cost for playing at Arriba, go to the “Contributions and Fines” page on the website.
If you decide to join Arriba you can download the application form from this website at the header “Downloads and Forms“. The completed application form can be put in the mailbox of Arriba in the Sports Centre or handed over to a teamcaptain or someone of the board. On the application form you can sign up for a quarter of a year, half a year or indefinitely. When you sign up for indefinite time and you do not unsubscribe before the 1st of September, you will automatically be subscribed for the subsequent season.