Recreational Team

The recreational players do not play any matches in a league, but they do practice two times a week. The practices are at a lower level, so this is a great way to start learning how to play basketball!

Names (function)
Adriaan Kruithof
Bart Sprenkels
Bernald Mulder
Clement Lau
Elise Schilt
Emmelie Huisman
Frank Somhorst
Gijs Kampshoff
Hristo Dimitrov
Joris de Vries
Julia Emery
Junseo Kim
Katharina Kueck
Lucas Trabuc
Nimisha Verma
Oona Zantingh
Remco Hoen
Rick Polman
Timo Straathof
Tom Johanssen
Witek Bosman
Luuk Egers (trainer)