Contribution and Fines

For the year 2022-2023 the contribution, fines and reimbursements have been established as follows.

As a member of Arriba, there are three fees that you need to pay separate. Firstly, there are fees for the Union/Campus Card, which any person joining a University sports club is required to pay. Secondly there is the club fee, this is required for every club you join at the University so also Arriba. And lastly there are membership fees. The membership fees are different per team, an overview of this can be seen below.

 The costs for UT students are:
– Union Card €60,- (one time purchase, valid for a year)
– Club Fee €28,50

For Saxion students the costs are the following:
– Campus Card €100,-
– Club Fee €60,-

You can only buy the Union Card if you are a student at the University of Twente. The Union Card can be purchased through
If you are not a student at the University of Twente you can purchase the Campus Card instead of the Union Card. A guide on how to buy the Union Card/Campus Card and pay the club fee can be found here.

Besides the Unioncard and club fee, Arriba has its own fee for members. Prices for the various categories can be found in the table below. Members for half a year will get a discount.

Membership fees UT

Type of MemberArriba Club FeeUnion CardStudent Union Club FeeTotal costs full yearTotal costs half year
League Playing Member Ladies 1 and Gents 1€190,-€60,-€28,50€278,50€235,50
League Playing Member Ladies 2 and Gents 2, 3, 4€155,-€60,- €28,50 €243,50€180,50
Recreational Member€65,-€60,- €28,50€153,50€100,50

Membership fees Saxion

Type of memberArriba Club FeeCampuscardStudent Union Club FeeTotal costs full yearTotal costs half year
League Playing Member Ladies 1 and Gents 1€190,-€100,-€60,-€350,-€328,-
League Playing Member Ladies 2 and Gents 2, 3, 4€155,-€100,-€60,-€315,-€277,-
Recreational Member€65,-€100,-€60,-€225,-€197,-

Are you an UT Alumni or a regular civilian?
You can find the correct prices on this website.
Is anything nog clear yet? You can contact the board via BoardArriba(at)

Active member reduction
If you are joining one or more committees of Arriba, you are entitled to a reduction on your contribution. The total of the reduction depends on whether you are a competition or recreational playing member, and whether you are staying for a full year or half a year.
Competition playing member: €40,-
Recreational playing member: €20,-

If you will be a member for only half a year (so until or starting from February 1) there is the possibility to get a €10,- discount for recreational or €20,- discount for competition playing members on the contribution.

Do make sure to notify the board timely if you are planning to only be a member for half a year!

Absent from table duty (per person): €15,-
Absent from referee duty (per persoon): €15,-
Absent from bar shift (per person): €15,-
Loss of basketball pants: New price + €10,-
Loss of basketball Jersey: New price + €10,-
Loss of basketball: New price + €10,-
Wearing the official Arriba jerseys outside official matches without permission from the board: €5,-

Fines from the Student Union for not having the Union Card and not having paid the club fee will be passed on the corresponding member.