Referee / Table Schedule

The schedule for homematches can be found below. Also added in this schedule is the table duty for each team and the assigned referees to each match. If you are unable to do a referee or table duty, first try to find someone yourself! If you don’t manage to find someone, only then contact the board.

DatumTijdThuisUitLocatieScheids 1Scheids 2Tafel
12-10-201917:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3B.V. Isala MSE 2UT Sporthal A/1Chiel E.Menno D.H2
12-10-201921:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Kikkers MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1JasperChiel vd S.H3
26-10-201919:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Hanze Stars MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1RensRemcoH3
26-10-201921:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3S.V.Z.W. MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1YoranBasH2
9-11-201915:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Twente Buzzards MSE 2UT Sporthal A/1CarstDominiqueH3
9-11-201917:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3S.V.Z.W. MSE 2UT Sporthal A/1ArnoJorisH2
9-11-201919:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Trajanum MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1--D1
9-11-201921:00D.B.V. Arriba VSE 1TONEGO '65 VSE 1UT Sporthal A/1--H1
16-11-201919:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Scylla MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1--H2
23-11-201919:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Uitsmijters MSE 2UT Sporthal A/1Rick S.NohaH3
23-11-201921:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3Amical MSE 4UT Sporthal A/1AnniekMiekeH2
7-12-201919:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Flying Red MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1--D1
14-12-201917:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3Risne Stars MSE 2UT Sporthal B/2JoriekeCarmenD1
14-12-201919:00D.B.V. Arriba VSE 1B.V. Batouwe VSE 3UT Sporthal B/2--H2
14-12-201921:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2WSV MSE 2UT Sporthal B/2RianneLisanneH3