‘21/’22 Weekly Match Roundup #7

Ah, a nice warm shower after practice. Hair still wet, you put on your clothes, jacket and a mouth mask. As the door of the sports centre opens, it hits you. It’s freezing cold. You feel as though princess Elsa herself has cursed you to freeze to death on your way home. People, it’s almost December, it’s dark and most of all, it’s cold. Be sure to wear something warm when biking to and from training! 

Alright, enough complaining about the weather. Let’s get into this week’s games!

Last week

We had 4 home games last week! Unfortunately there couldn’t be any audience at the games. However, our MediCie livestreamed them on our Instagram (@dbvarriba)! We hope you enjoyed watching the games from home.

The first game of the day was Ladies 2. It has come to my attention there was some criticism about the game reports of Ladies 2 being a bit short. Usually I’d compensate by making this week’s report a bit longer, but seeing how they played this week I assume that would not be appreciated as well. They played S.V.Z.W., and while the last 2 minutes Arriba played phenomenally, the other minutes were not so amazing. In the end, they lost 33-48.

Next up was Gents 3. They played Peatminers, the number 2 of the league. Gents 3 is known to keep it close and to no one’s surprise, this game was as close as it gets. With only a minute or two to spare, the score was tied at 45-45. Arriba kept their nerves under control and scored 5 points in a row. Final score: 50-45.

Time for Gents 1 versus BV Groningen MSE 2, the absolute last of their league. Maybe the expectations were too high, maybe Arriba underestimated their opponents. Most people expected a giant blowout win for Arriba, but that wasn’t the case. At times, Arriba was playing well, but it just wasn’t consistent. They still managed to win easily with a difference of 23 points: 76-53. 

The last game of the weekend! Ladies 1 against Trajanum. Ladies 1, not a big team in general (in terms of number of players), is also plagued by injuries. To solve that, they borrowed 2 players from Ladies 2. How friendly of them to help! Arriba’s offence was smooth as butter. This team plays like they have been playing together for years and years. Playing their own tempo from the start, they never lost the lead. 60-43.

Next week

The first game of this week is on Friday already. Gents 2 will travel to Vriezenveen to play Peatminers! Looking at the standings, Gents 2 is in favour of winning this game. Let’s see how it will go.

On Saturday there will be two home games. Unfortunately, there is still no audiences allowed. The first game is at 19:15 and is Gents 1 versus BV Groningen MSE 1. The same association as last game, but a better team this time. 

Next is Gents 3 against Amical MSE 2. As always, it’s promising to be a close match so hopefully Gents 3 can win two in a row!

There is also an away game on Saturday. Ladies 2 plays Nijverdal’s Valley Bucketeers. So far, Bucketeers won one and Arriba won two games, so this could be an exciting and important match for the standings.

Question of the week

Most people preferred to only take 3’s! Shooting is the new dunking, I wonder if the answer would’ve been different if it would be asked 10 years ago.

Would you rather only be able to dunk in games or only be able to shoot 3’s in games?
Only dunk in games: 24%
Only take 3’s in games: 76%

Now for this week’s question!

‘Would you rather jump really high or run really fast?’ Answer here: https://strawpoll.com/7u95vbzbv 

That was all for this week. Stay safe, stay warm and good luck to all teams!

See you next week!

DateTimeHomeAwayHallRef 1Ref 2Table duty
27-11-202119:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1BV Groningen MSE 1SC1N.A.N.A.G3
27-11-202121:15D.B.V. Arriba GSE 3Amical MSE 2SC1Peter PoldervaartChiel EgersG1

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