’21/’22 Weekly Match Roundup #4

So after a week of no Weekly Match Roundup, it’s back! I totally did not forget while on holiday… Anyway, this week is full of matches, so let’s get right into it!

Last week

Last Saturday we had 5 away games! For 5 home games we have a cool name (Super-super-super-Saturday), but we don’t have anything for 5 away games yet. Suggestions are welcome!

First game: Gents 2. Going up against Uitsmijters who had lost every game so far, the expectations were high. However, as we all know, it’s dangerous to assume you will win before you even put on your jersey. Luckily the experience and professionalism of Gents 2 helped them not make this mistake and they won with 52-69.

Next up was Ladies 2, who played the same association as Gents 2: Uitsmijters. They were a bit less successful and after keeping the score pretty close until halftime, they could not keep it up and lost 62-37.

Then Ladies 1, who played one of their direct competitors: Utrecht Bull’s. Both teams hadn’t lost a single game up until then. But today that was going to change (dun dun dun….). The game was exciting. Utrecht took the lead, then Arriba almost caught up and so forth. Arriba could not really get a good grip on the game and lost for the first time this season: 61-49.

Gents 3 went up against B.V. Isala in Deventer. And almost traditionally by now, it was a close game. You can say what you want about Gents 3, but they do know how to keep a match close and exciting. Like their first game, overtime was needed to decide a winner. Unlike the first game, Arriba did not win. They lost with a 2-point deficit. 65-63.

The last game was Gents 1 against Jumping Five in Peize (I also have no clue where that’s supposed to be). The game got quite rough in the 3rd quarter. The emotions from both teams were through the roof. After a while it started to cool down a bit and the game could be finished. In the end, Arriba got the win 73-87.

Next week

3 home games! Most of you will know this as a Super-Saturday! 

At 17:00 Gents 1 go up against Celeritas-Donar, the leader of their competition. They have not lost a game yet, but could Arriba be the first team to defeat them?

Next up is Ladies 1. After the first loss of the season they are looking for revenge against GSBV Moestasj from Groningen.

Last but not least, Gents 2 are playing Uitsmijters 3. With Arriba third and Uitsmijters second in the standings, it promises to be a thrilling match with a lot on the line.

That was it for this week! If you made it this far, props to you for keeping up with the association. Oh, and as with each day of home games, come support Arriba this Saturday in the Sports Centre!

Good luck to the teams this weekend!

See you next week!

DateTimeHomeAwayHallRef 1Ref 2Table duty
6-11-202117:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Celeritas-Donar MSE 2SC1N.A.N.A.G2
6-11-202119:00D.B.V. Arriba VSE 1GSBV Moestasj VSE 1SC1N.A.N.A.G1
6-11-202121:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Uitsmijters MSE 3SC1Cliff ten BergeLisanne GrevingaL1

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