’21/’22 Weekly Match Roundup #3

Dear Arribans,

Third week of competition and thus the third Weekly Match Roundup! We have had some exciting games this past weekend and, as always, you can read up on what happened below!

Last week

Two cup games! One more successful than the other. First of all, Ladies 1. They didn’t win. However, they played a team two leagues higher (yes, two!!) than the league they are in. They lost by 43-106, but hopefully they can now fully commit to the competition and continue winning there.

The second game of the day was Gents 1 against Bouncers. Now, I have used the term ‘hot start’ before. I take it back. What happened in this game was a hot start. The score halfway through the first quarter: 17-0. Seems like an easy win, right? Let’s just say that the other team made a little comeback. It got pretty close, but with the help of Dimitry and Tom hitting a combined total of 11 3’s they managed to win 86-68 and advance in the cup tournament.

Gents 2 had an away game in Rijssen against Risne Stars. After asking how it went the response was: “very mediocre”. 3 points in the first quarter is indeed very mediocre. The second half was a lot better, but in the end it was not enough. Gents 2 lost 54-42.

Next week

After a 2-week gap, Gents 3 has a game again! This Saturday they will play SVZW MSE 2 in Wierden, good luck!

See you next week!

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