‘21/22 Weekly Match Roundup #6

A bit later than usual, but that doesn’t spoil the fun right?! Don’t forget to check out the results of last week’s question and answer the new one at the end of this edition. A lot has happened, so let’s get right into it!

Last week

Last weekend we had 6 (!) matches! For an association with 5 teams, one could say that 6 is a lot of games.

The first game was the Gents 1 cup game against Almere 36ers. I wish I could say they played amazing and won big time, but then I would be lying. Arriba’s offence was a bit chaotic, which is why they did not score a lot. In the end, they lost 56-71. No more cup games for Arriba this season.

That same Friday evening, both Ladies 1 & 2 had an away game. The 2nd team played Amical. The whole game Arriba was trailing, but finally, in the 4th quarter, they managed to pass Amical. Final score: 39-44. Ladies 1 went up against Landstede Basketbal ZAC and they won as well! They won 43-57.

On Saturday there were 3 away games. First off, Gents 3. Having lost the last 2 games, they were looking to finally get a win against the number 1. The game was close, maybe even closer than some might have expected. Even though Arriba was trailing for the entire game, the deficit halfway through the 3rd quarter was only 2 points. In the end, they could not catch up and lost 68-58.

The second game that day was Gents 1. They played The Jugglers, who aren’t usually regarded as a huge threat. But now, Arriba had its second game of the weekend. Since they had played a game the night before, nothing was guaranteed. Everybody only had one question: could they wash their jerseys in time?…. And they could! Oh, and they also won the game 66-83.

The last game of the weekend! B.V. Vikings versus Arriba Gents 2. B.V. Vikings sounds intimidating, but when you see the standings that feeling dissolves quite quickly. Arriba got the win against the last of the league: 43-57.

This week

SUPER-SUPER-SUPE-….. Oh wait, COVID is a thing. 4 home games, but 0 people in the stands cheering them on. Hopefully our teams can still win, even though they won’t receive the amazing support they are used to.

At 13:20 we have Ladies 2 going up against S.V.Z.W! The first time they play each other this season and it is promising to be a close and exciting match. Next up is Gents 3 against Peatminers. Time for Gents 3 to finally get a win again, let’s see what they can bring to the table in their first home game of the season.

Then there is Gents 1 versus BV Groningen MSE 2. This Groningen team is at the bottom of the standings, so it looks like it could be an easy win. Let’s see if Arriba will deliver. Lastly at 19:00, Ladies 1 against Trajanum. Arriba being 3rd and Trajanum 4th, these are the kinds of games Arriba has to win to keep competing at the top of their league.

Question of the week

Last weeks question was quite one-sided, I wonder whether these results relate to the actual roles of those who answered?

Would you rather be the star of a bad team or an average player on an elite team?
Star of the bad team: 10.53%
Average player on an elite team: 89.47%

The question of this week: ‘Would you rather only be able to dunk in games or only be able to shoot 3’s in games?
Answer here: https://strawpoll.com/8ca4d8vgo

And with that, this week’s edition is finished! Don’t forget to check if you have table or referee duty this weekend and good luck to all teams. See you next week!

DateTimeHomeAwayHallRef 1Ref 2Table duty
20-11-202113:20D.B.V. Arriba VSE 2S.V.Z.W. VSE1SC2Dimitry BronsGijs KampshoffG3
20-11-202115:10D.B.V. Arriba GSE 3Peatminers MSE 2SC2Cheramise LeilisDarlainne PardoL2
20-11-202117:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1BV Groningen MSE 2SC2N.A.N.A.L1
20-11-202119:00D.B.V. Arriba VSE 1Trajanum VSE 1SC2N.A.N.A.G1

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