Match Report: D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1 – Kikkers Ladies 1

Ladies 1 vs Kikkers Ladies 1

The ladies played last Friday against Kikkers from Borne. The warming-up was a little bit different than normal. It started in sportzaal 2 and after 21:00 everything needed to be prepared in sporthal 2. After that the ladies started their game against the number 4 of the competition. And they are number 4 for a reason. The ladies were surprised by the speed of the ‘older’ ladies. Their transition on defense to offense was quicker than ours in the beginning, ending up in open lay-ups for the opponent leading to a difference in their benefit. After a time-out it went better and we started to fight back. The game became quit tensive after a time. But in the end we couldn’t surpass them, so the game ended in a score of 39-47.

End score: 39-47

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