Last Saturday, gents 3 went on a journey all the way to the north of Enschede to play The Jugglers. The previous match against this team resulted in a loss, so they knew it wasn’t going to be an easy game.

In the first quarter, both teams started off with a few quick points and the score was even when the first 5 minutes of Q1 were over. Sadly, The Jugglers went on an 8-0 run because of some sloppy turnovers and bad defence in transition. Luckily, scores by Gijs and Guido and a three pointer by Florian at the end of the quarter kept Arriba in the game, but gents 3 was still trailing 18-15.

The goal gents 3 then had was to stay focussed and build on the good ending to Q1. But, careless basketball continued and there wasn’t much activity on defence. Arriba was slow on transition and spaces were left, resulting in open lay-ups and easy scores for The Jugglers. In the second quarter, The Jugglers scored almost 30 points against only 11 points from Arriba, extending The Jugglers’ lead.

The third quarter didn’t go much better for Arriba, still not getting in a good rhythm on offence, turning the ball over while also giving the opponent more opportunities for fast break lay-ups. The game continued the same from the start of the fourth quarter. Only during the last 5 or so minutes of the game, gents 3 managed to finally make some baskets again, but by then, it was far too late. The game finished 79-47 in favour of The Jugglers.

Next game against Amical should be a good opportunity to get the W gents 3 have been waiting on for a while now.

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