Match Report: Orca’s Gents 1 vs D.B.V. Arriba Gents 1

You get nothing for nothing. That’s a generally agreed upon rule that counts for the whole universe. It’s the basis of thermodynamics and is as eternal as the laws of nature. Concrete and rational. We’re in Urk, where it’s an hour later and the people talk funny. Gents 1 has it’s mind set to better the score from the previous match. When playing in the always sunny Enschede, the aliens where defeated by 20 points. Gents 1 had a long way to prepare themselves mentally. From the start of the match both teams go head to head. Arriba has trouble getting inside and relies on their shots to accumulate their score. The Orca’s have no trouble getting some fast breaks and offensive rebounds. At halftime they lead by 5 points. Bas took the Gents 1 to the locker room to urge them to get inside more and box out. Third quarter. Arriba switched to a zone defense, but it didn’t work out in their favor. Urk’s lead increased to 12 points. The game wasn’t over yet, as help came from an unexpected corner; the referee injured one of the Orca players. This, combined with the original man-to-man defence from Arriba, put the teams back to a tie. From that point, Arriba had trouble keeping up with their opponents’ score. We enter the final the final minutes of the game. Arriba is behind by 5 points again. As a last resort, Bas makes use of his time-outs to set up a final comeback plan. Without success. Even though Gents 1 put a lot of effort in the game, it wasn’t enough. End score: 75-67. The have a long journey back ahead. Meanwhile in Urk, someone is still pumping water to keep them afloat. It’s a sad story…

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