Match report: Twente Buzzards Gents 3 – D.B.V. Arriba Gents 3

With six people and three cars (and someone going by bike), gents 3 was going to their first match after the holiday. Last time Arriba defeated the Buzzards with a 13-point difference, but they would still have to work hard this game, especially since coach Klaas had other business to attend to. Luckily for Arriba, veteran Gerben was there to help them out.

The game started out well, with Arriba making the first points, but Twente Buzzards soon took over. Before the first quarter was over, Arriba was 8 points behind; 4 – 12. The second quarter went much better. Offenses were played out more easily and more shots were hit. Arriba got lots of free throws as well, but they wouldn’t go in. Still, at the end of the second quarter the score was 17 – 20.

The third quarter went head to head, and at the beginning of the last quarter Arriba was just 2 points behind. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get closer to the Buzzards who were just keeping on scoring. With even more free throws missed by Arriba (not countable on two hands) the defeat had to be faced: 45 – 37, lowering Arriba a place in the competition. Better luck next week against the Peatminers!

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