The first quarter started somewhat slow, but quite surely the lay-ups started to hit and the shots started to fall. Gents 3 had already faced Amical 3 earlier, but in the first quarter the lead already started to build faster than the match before. In the second quarter the Arriba defense tightened further and with good results. Many Amical passes were intercepted and before they knew it, the fast breaks of Gents 3 hit their basket again and again.  Than Amical closed their defense a bit more and the bucket became harder to reach. Now Gents 3 needed to break free from the ground and take the ball to the skies. The weather was perfect and before long the 3-point shots came raining down relentlessly on the Amical basket. The Arriba sky was clear however, as Amical’s score remained stuck at 17 points for many a minute.

After the break Gents 3 entered the court again with new orders from Klaas: “We needed to keep this going and hit the 100 points!” In the third quarter Amical got into another attempt to move in, but Gents 3 build up some momentum again. At the end of the third quarter, the gents were a bit behind schedule for the 100, but the fire was lit and the cracks in the Amical plays began to show. The fourth quarter was greatly in Arriba’s favour and the sprint towards the 100 points was gaining speed. In the last few minutes of the game Klaas was unbenched to hit the last few points.

In the last minute of the game Klaas hit a 360 slam dunk right through a 5-man Amical defense for 98 points and on the buzzer he scored a no look left-handed shot from midcourt for the 101. Or… Well… That’s what would’ve happened if the game hadn’t ended 45 seconds after Klaas was able to sub in of course 😉

Final score: 92 – 42

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