Match report: D.B.V. Arriba Gents 3 VS. The Jugglers Gents 4

Super Saturday’s last game of the night was Gents 3’s time to shine. Playing against The Jugglers 4, the second team in the standings, it was again going to be a difficult game, playing the leading team the match before

Not many point were made during the first quarter of the game. Some missed free throws from both teams and a bit of careless ball handling meant that the quarter ended with only eight points for both teams. But, Arriba was still in the game, contending for the W to keep the points at home.

Jugglers started the second quarter strong, with seven straight points from some guy named Bob (not our Bob sadly) followed by another two points for the Jugglers, meaning there was in a nine-point deficit from that point onwards. But, Arriba was determined to get back into the game, starting with Djordje getting some buckets only seconds after Jugglers went on their little streak. Coach Klaas came through with the tactics during the time-out after which Djordje and Guido got some more points for the team. However, Jugglers kept scoring as well, making it difficult to catch up on points, still finishing the quarter seven points behind.

The third quarter was then the perfect moment to keep pushing, getting closer and closer to the opponent. Six quick points for Arriba, and some good defence closed the gap to three points. Sadly, the Jugglers used some black magic and spawned more players, making their team stronger for the second half of the match. For the remainder of the third quarter, both teams kept scoring back and forth, but The Jugglers stayed in front.

Unfortunately, the extra players brought in by The Jugglers improved their scoring power significantly. They made twenty points during the final quarter, while Arriba’s point-making decreased, enlarging the deficit Arriba was already in. Finishing the game 42-57, the final score was not what the Gents 3 had hoped for, making it the second loss in a row. Next game is comeback-time.


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