Match report: Peatminers Ladies 1 vs D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1


Going to Vriezenveen is an experience on its own, not even a bus can reach the Stamper. When we finally arrived, with 3 cars and some people that were picked up at the station. If you come to Vriezenveen, you see more types of green you can imagine. We had discovered this while waiting for the previous game to end. When the game finally started, the first thing that happened, was the ball getting stuck behind the board. This took a few minutes before the refs were able to get it down. Rianne managed  to get a foul when she tried to make a score. This wasn’t the only extraordinary foul that we got. The refs had a broad interpretation of what over the back means. Catching the ball above your head was considered as over the back. Due to these fouls, we got into foultrouble. During the game we had some nice fast breaks, but unfortunately a lot of them didn’t end in a score. NO Rene, we don’t want to practise more lay-ups. In our regular offense, we played against a zone defence as usual. We tried to do the overload a few times which worked pretty good.

Most of us got a feeling of injustice due to the decisions the refs made. This really influenced our match, we didn’t play our own game. The score was close during the whole game.  Jorieke was really going for it, but unfortunately she sprained her ankle, the match was over for her 3 minutes before the end. That last 2 minutes the difference was only 1 point. At the end we were one point behind, when Judith got an offensive rebound. She could have easily made the score, but it was seen as over back. Jorieke went to Vriezenveen with her parents car, due to her injury she couldn’t drive back. Mieke had marvellous opportunity to spend the night with the parents and sister of Jorieke. Funfact: Did you know that Jorieke’s parents got a dog when she moved to Enschede.

End score: 48-47

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