The valley Bucketeers MSE 3 vs. D.B.V. Ariba MSE 3

On Friday night, the 9th of March, after a busy week at the university we, 5 players (Rens, Djordje, Glenn, Bob and Florian) of gents 3 and Kwa from the recreationals, came together at the sports center. Klaas wasn’t there tonight, so the injured Stijn would be coaching us. After a little stress about the shirts (we didn’t know who had them) we drove to Nijverdal. We dressed up for the game against the Valley Bucketeers, the team at the bottom of our league. Since they hadn’t won any game this year, we were expecting a rather smooth and simple game.
At the start, everything seemed okay and we jumped out to an early lead of about 8 points. We were able to build this gap to about 14 points at half time. After the break we started getting more and more sloppy with passes and dribbling, but we were able to keep them 10 points behind. At the start of the 4th quarter we were feeling good about the lead we had and we had confidence that we could bring the win home. However, after some bad plays from our side the gap shrunk and shrunk. Stijn took a time out to give us some rest and get our heads facing the correct direction. We gave the last bit of energy we had and after some clutch free throws from Djordje we won the game by 3 points, final score 49-52.

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