Match Report: Stars ’84 Ladies 1 – D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1


Last Saturday Ladies 1 travelled all the way to Vroomshoop to play a game against Stars’84. Since Rene had to play a game, he was not able to be coach us, so Judith was there to fill up his place. We did not start off in a good way, we had a lot of chances but we also missed a lot(not only lay-ups). However, after a few minutes we started playing full court and the opponent did not even have chances at all. Switching to full court did not always go smoothly so this is something we can work on. In the second quarter we played full court as well, and we made 36 points. After the break we played further with half-court defence to keep it a little bit fun for the opponent. The defence was not always perfect, stars were able to push through and we were not always with our man on time. At the beginning we of the last quarter we set goals, to get above 70 point, to keep Stars below 20, and to practise our new offences Jäger, two and three. Practicing the offences was a little bit difficult because the opponent was playing a lazy zone offence so we had pass out of the bucket a lot and shoot from a distance, but the other goals were achieved! With the second win of the season and a good piece of cake afterwards we took the train home.

End score: 16-78

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