Match Report: S.V.Z.W. Ladies 1 – D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1


On October 7th, we had already played against this team and won 66-42. We tried a new offense this week at practice, Jäger (not the shot), and wanted to try it at this game as well.

We started the game really unfocused, but kept coming back and at half-time the score was 31-30. We kept putting the pressure during full-court defense and got some steals this way. The third quarter we went head to head. In the last quarter we were 5 points up with about 5 minutes to go. We tried to play it out, but the other team managed to make 1 free throw and score two extra scores. At the last second Dinah shot and made a beatbuzzer, but the refs didn’t agree with each other. One said the score counted and the other didn’t. To make it a short story: the score didn’t count and we lost with one point. We will get them next game for sure! Quote from the captain: “No mercy!”

End score: 60 – 59

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