Match Report: D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1 – Kikkers Ladies 1


11th of November we had the first game against Kikkers (Frogs) of this season. Last year we won all the games against them, but it was always difficult. So we were all a bit nervous. Judith and Anniek dropped bombs from way downtown immediately at the beginning. We started with a high tempo game, Dinah was leading in running the fast break! Too bad, the score was low and we missed a lot. Only rebounding was good. During the game we got lucky with the turnovers by the opponents during their fast breaks. But Kikkers were defending us hard, we couldn’t get through their defense by simply passing. Furthermore, one player of the Kikkers is mention worthy. Her shot is a perfect example for Jeroen’s hang time, which everyone on the team has its difficulties with. Rene took a time-out and told us to attack the basket more. Drive more and kick out the ball. We tried and like Rene told us they collapsed, so we could get to the basket and… we scored! Rebecca had fans on the other team. Kikkers were saying SCHEIßE all the time, Rebecca’s favourite word. At this game, Jorieke played hard defense and had a scoring spree. At the end of the game Meike dislocated her pinky (She also had four fouls, we are pretty sure she injured herself just to avoid fouling out!) But the important thing from this game, we won, with a final score 60-47. Nevertheless, it was a fun game and every player had a few minutes on the field. As always we had cake to celebrate it, delicious stroopwafel cake made by Jorieke. Also a few team members went out to have some shots afterwards.

End score: 60-47

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