Match report: D.B.V. Arriba gents 2 vs Twente Buzzards

After having one weekend of being game free we could finally get back to
work against Twente Buzzards from Hengelo. Too bad for us the Saint is back
in Holland so on paper we only had six players who could attend the game.
With most of us being well on time, Sjoerd managed to arrive just 15 minutes
before the game started. The last surprise was that as soon as we walked
out of the dressing room they changed to a center court. While normally we
want to play center court, with only six players this wasn’t something we had
hoped for for today.
The first quarter was defensively fine, but the same was for the opponent. So
the first quarter was points wise not the most exciting one because at the end
the score was 7-6.
The second quarter was better. Arriba starting in a zone defense really paid
off, going to a five point lead and after that Buzzards called a time-out. With
Sjoerd and Menno racing the court Carst managed to throw some nice
passes to our Flying Forwards but after that they figured out their offense
and managed to close the gap. With Luuk doing his usual thing: being the
dominant force under the rim only someone with the nickname Bear Force
One could be. Snatching away every rebound, offensively and defensively. So
thanks to Luuk and a few good outside shots by Rene we managed to enter
halftime by a four point lead with 21-25 on the scoreboard.
Third quarter same thing; starting in a zone defense to make sure we get
through the entire match without everyone burning up their fuel. But
Buzzards really buckled up and got their shit together offensively and we
started slacking in defense since Buzzards won the third 20-10 and thus the
score at the end of the third was 41-35. Even Luuk’s AND1 and his huge roar
afterwards wasn’t able to stop Buzzards from getting the lead.
Fourth quarter Luuk was dominating the paint. The relatively small centers
were no match for Luuk and the sick post moves he was pulling on them. So
after this run we were evening out the score. But we let them back in the
game and they found their way around our defense again and soon they were
pulling away. After a few good shots by Carst and Rene the game ended with
a 56-50 loss.

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