Match of the week 4

Dear Arribans,
The Ladies started the weekend’s competition with a 10 point loss in Hengelo against the Twente Buzzards which were important points lost. Gents 1 played in Groningen and also lost against BV Groningen MSE 3 who are a strong team in the league. Gents 2 played in Deventer against B.V.Isala MSE 1 and won a close and eventful game. 
This weekend is Super Super Saturday! Every team will be playing at home so come support them! At 3pm Gents 2 will start by playing against Peatminers MSE 1, their first encounter this year had a lot of drama in it. Next Gents 3 will play their first game of 2020 against Amical MSE 3 who are ranked just under them at the moment. Gents 1 will play after that against BCE’78 MSE 1. They are ranked 2nd in the league at the moment so this will be a tough game. Ladies will end the night Amical VSE 1 who are sitting in the middle of the stands.
This will be a nice competition weekend at home so come support your association and enjoy the party after the last game! The reffing and tabling duties are here under. Success to every team!

1-2-2020 (Sat)15.00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Peatminers MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1DimitryTjerkH3
1-2-2020 (Sat)17.00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3Amical MSE 3UT Sporthal A/1LuukCamille/MeikeH2
1-2-2020 (Sat)19.00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1BCE’78 MSE 1UT Sporthal A/1L1
1-2-2020 (Sat)21.00D.B.V. Arriba VSE 1Amical VSE 1UT Sporthal A/1H1

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