Match of the Week 4

Dear Arribans,
Last weekend there was plenty of action again. The Ladies started off playing against Amical VSE 1 and won comfortably. Gents 1 played Saturday at home against Twente Buzzards MSE 1 and also won by 18 points. The last team to play was Gents 2 who also played at home Saturday and won by 10 points against a low ranked Jugglers MSE 2 team.
This weekend all the same three teams play away, first will be the  Ladies who play against Twente Buzzards VSE 1 on Friday. Saturday Gents 2 plays against Isala MSE 1 who are ranked 7th at the moment. Gents 1 will play against BV Groningen MSE 3 also on Saturday who are ranked fourth in the league which promises a difficult game for them. So no home games this weekend so no table or reffing duties!
Good luck to everybody!

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