D.B.V. Arriba Streetball Tournament!

The last event of the Tournamentcommittee is approaching. This time, it will be the Pleintjesbasketball (streetball) tournament at the outside courts near the beachcourts on sunday the 12th of June. The matches will be 3 vs 3 on a half court.

We are playing in three groups; a ladies group, a gents lower than second class players group (H3 and Recreationals) and a gents higher or equal to second class players group (H2 and higher).

It will start around 12 and end before dinnertime. The costs will be no more than 5 euros per person but you will get to know that later.

So make a team of 3-5 players and sign up as a team before the 11th of June by messaging or sending an e-mail to the tournament committee (Jelmer Dijkstra, Bas Hilbers or Dimitry Brons) (toernooien@arriba.student.utwente.nl).

See you on the 12th of June!

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