Summer league

The summerleague is an internal competition for all members of Arriba. Both recreational and league players are mixed into several teams. Statistics such as 3-points made, field goals made and free-throws made are tracked and published on the website. There are six teams competing for the #1 spot for six long weeks. Which team will finish first and win eternal fame!


  • Warming-up of about 10 minutes.
  • A match consists of 4 quarters lasting 8 minutes.
  • In between quarters there is a 1 minute break, except for halftime (between quarter 2 and 3), which lasts 5 minutes.
  • There will be no shot-clock (so no 24-second violations).
  • There will be free throws.
  • During the last two minutes, time is stopped after scores. Before that, time is stopped when the referee whistles.
  • Men cannot block women using their hands, only using their head.
    An exception to this rule can be made if both teams and the referee agree.
  • Referees should bring their own whistles if possible. Arriba offers these as well but we prefer not to do this.

FIBA rules apply in all other cases.

Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5
Peter PoldervaartJoris van WezelChiel EgersLuuk EgersMaxim Tsalko
Kyriakos ChatzimichailNikola GladovicRick SijbenGuus JanssenTom Stahmer
Jelle LensinkMenno Dorland Camille KuitertYoran StaalHussein Askalani
Pjotr TinkePim LangeveldGiovanni Campuzano Arno de vries Rens van der Ploeg
Gijs KampshoffDaniëlle Schoonveld Dion ten BergeMartijn LamCheramise Leilis
HarperMeike Groẞe-Elshoff Rianne DalhuisenRonja CremerFiona Hafferl
Myrthe Pasterkamp Lukasz KoscinskiTom JohannssenElise SchiltAndrejs Lopess-Naglis
Floris Klein HorsmanPaolo BarzonMicha de BontJoris de VriesSagy Ephrati
Lisanne Grevinga Judith Oude VoshaarJill BayKiki van den OosterkampAleksa Drezga
Corentin MonatNikita BeloglazovsRene Tigchelaar