Summer league

The summerleague is an internal competition for all members of Arriba. Both recreational and league players are mixed into several teams. There are six teams competing for the #1 spot for six long weeks. Which team will finish first and win eternal fame!


  • Warming-up of about 5 minutes.
  • The games are played with a 3×3 ball
  • The home team (1st named in the schedule) will play in dark colored clothes, the away team
    (named secondly) will wear bright clothes.
  • A match consists of 4 quarters lasting 7 minutes. The time will be kept on the big scoreboard.
  • In between quarters there is a 1 minute break, except for halftime (between quarter 2 and 3), which lasts 5 minutes.
  • There will be no shot-clock (so no 24-second violations).
  • There will be free throws.
  • The time runs continuously, except for when a foul is made that results in free throws..
  • Men cannot block women that are shorter using their hands, only using their head.
    An exception to this rule can be made if both teams and the referee agree.
  • FIBA rules apply in all other cases.