Match of the week 10

Dear Arribans,
Last weekend all the teams had a game. The Ladies played on Friday against Tonego 65′ VSE 1 who were undefeated until our Ladies won a tremendous game and won 53-51. The next day Gents 2 unfortunately lost in overtime against the Twente Buzzards MSE 2 who are ranked in the lower bottom of the standings. That same day Gents 3 played against S.V.Z.W. MSE 2 ranked low in the stands and won by 14 points. The last game was played on Sunday by Gents 1 against Trajanum MSE 1 and lost by a big margin.
This weekend only 3 teams play. Gents 2 play at home on Friday against Uitsmijters MSE 3 ranked 4th. The next day Gents 1 will play in Groningen Scylla MSE 1 who are the top team at the moment. Gents 3 will play the last game on Saturday at home against Twente Buzzards MSE 3 ranked 8th at the moment. This weekend two teams will play at home so that means table and refing duties. You can find the schedule for those in the table here under with the table for the upcoming activities. Have a nice weekend!

08-03-20203×3 Tournament
19-03-2020ArriBorrel @Friends
22-03-2020Landstede game
26-03-2020Gala Borrel
29-03-2020Blacklight basketball
13-3-2020 (Fri)21.00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Uitsmijters MSE 3UT Sporthal A/1TBDCarstH3
14-3-2020 (Sat)21.00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 3Twente Buzzards MSE 3UT Sporthal A/1Chiel E.YoranH2

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