Referee / Table Schedule

The schedule for homematches can be found below. Also added in this schedule is the table duty for each team and the assigned referees to each match. If you are unable to do a referee or table duty, first try to find someone yourself! If you don’t manage to find someone, only then contact the board.

Home Away Date Time Court Ref 1 Ref 2 Table duty
Arriba H1 BV Groningen H2 14-09-18 21:00 Hal 1 extern extern D1
Arriba H1 Arnhem Eagles H1 28-09-18 21:00 Hal 1 extern extern H3
Arriba D1 Uitsmijters D2 06-10-18 17:00 Hal 1 Yoran Barteld H2
Arriba H3 TONEGO '65 H1 06-10-18 19:00 Hal 1 Judith Mieke D1
Arriba H2 B.V. Isala H1 06-10-18 21:00 Hal 1 Remco Florian H3
Arriba H1 B.V. Batouwe H2 12-10-18 21:00 Hal 1 extern extern H2
Arriba H2 Peatminers H1 20-10-18 17:00 Hal 1 Rianne Jorieke D1
Arriba H2 S.V.Z.W. H1 03-11-18 19:00 Hal 1 Aïcha Daniëlle D1
Arriba D1 Risne Stars D1 03-11-18 21:00 Hal 1 Menno R. Menno D. H2
Arriba H1 Groene Uilen H2 10-11-18 21:00 Hal 1 extern extern H3
Arriba H3 B.V. Isala H2 24-11-18 19:00 Sportzaal 1 Noud Peter H2
Arriba H2 Risne Stars H1 24-11-18 21:00 Hal 1 Cliff Carst H1
Arriba H1 Flying Red H1 01-12-18 21:00 Hal 1 extern extern D1
Arriba H2 Valley Bucketeers H2 08-12-18 19:00 Hal 2 Arno Luuk H1
Arriba H3 Amical H3 08-12-18 21:00 Hal 2 Victor Bas H2
Arriba D1 Peatminers D1 15-12-18 21:00 Hal 1 Luc Cliff H1