Recreational Team

The recreational players do not play any matches in a league but they do practice two times a week. The practices are at a lower level, so this is a great way to start learning how to play basketball!

The following players are in this team:

Kotryna Viysockyte
Melissa-Kim Petrasch
Niveditha Chapparadalli
Katharina Kveck
Marjolijn van Schagen
Emmelie Huisman
Veronique Weesie
Lydia Heida
Jelmer Santing
Guner Orhan
Nils Rutgers
Silver Vaper
Mohamed Irfan
Herson Vargas
Frank Somhorst
Clement Lau
Yuki Nagatomo
David Vrijenhoek
Thijs van Vliet
Rick Polman
Ragheed Haddad
Nawar Haddad
Jelmer Juijt
Pim Langeveld