We are the gents 1, the top team of Arriba. To play at our level we have to travel far and play hard. Where other teams have a lot of spare time to drink and hang with friends we have to invest a lot of time to keep the name and fame of Arriba high.

Luckily we have silver who always tells great jokes and awesome stories during those long trips which can even make a smile appear on the captains face .

To sum up the team: we are 10 guys, 1 ball, lots of far far away games, missed life opportunities, chicken and a coach who occasionally comes by bike.

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  • datumtijdthuis_ploeguit_ploegloc_naamuitslag
    14-09-201910:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1B.V. Batouwe MSE 2UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    21-09-201920:30Twente Buzzards MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Hasseleres0 - 0
    28-09-201910:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1BV Groningen MSE 3UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    06-10-201916:15BCE'78 MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1De Peppel0 - 0
    12-10-201910:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1SVO Basketball MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    02-11-201917:45De Groene Uilen MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Willem-Alexander Sportcentrum0 - 0
    09-11-201910:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Trajanum MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    16-11-201908:30D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Scylla MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    24-11-201914:15Celeritas-Donar MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Vinkhuizen0 - 0
    07-12-201908:30D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Flying Red MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    13-12-201920:00SBA Sphinx MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1De Bongerd0 - 0
    11-01-202020:30B.V. Batouwe MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Sportcentrum De Schaapskooi0 - 0
    18-01-202008:30D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Twente Buzzards MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    25-01-202010:45BV Groningen MSE 3D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Sporthal Europapark0 - 0
    01-02-202010:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1BCE'78 MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    09-02-202013:00SVO Basketball MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Sportcentrum Oudenrijn0 - 0
    15-02-202010:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1De Groene Uilen MSE 2UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    08-03-202016:30Trajanum MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Gymnasion Hal A0 - 0
    14-03-202020:30Scylla MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Vinkhuizen0 - 0
    21-03-202008:30D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1Celeritas-Donar MSE 2UT Houten zaal0 - 0
    28-03-202008:30Flying Red MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1De Hullen0 - 0
    04-04-202008:30D.B.V. Arriba MSE 1SBA Sphinx MSE 1UT Houten zaal0 - 0

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