Gents 2

Hello ladies and gentlemen, or as we would say, Babushka’s & Gopniks!

You might think how is this possible? Last year these lovely cutyfaces were calling themselves gentlemen. NYET! No more gentle approaches.
Come and see the glorious basketballfield of battle where Gents 2 will put an end to their opponents misery.
Or will gents 2 succumb to all the vodka they drank in their warmup water bottles? Find out and watch their games!

# Name
Carst "Project homework" Hoopman
Matteo "Andrea" Giuberti
Sjoerd "Hurt me, daddy" Barts
Jelmer "#4everteamslut" Dijkstra
Marijn "The Beard missing north of the wall" Peters
Menno "pro-antibiotics" Roelofs
Rene "Knees weak, arms are heavy" Tigchelaar
Tim "R.I.P. all the Hamtaros" de Vette
Noud "I'm going to Legoland" van Herpen
Jeffrey "Looks for a room" Stroet
Bas "Looks more active" van der Veen
Sem "Injures wrist while wanking" Geerts
Luuk "Kipnugget7" Egers
Julian "Party machen mit Vati" Herms
Bas "Footloose" Hilbers
Menno "Can he live without Marijn?" Dorland
Trainer Jeroen Vinke
Trainer Dimitry "Always in time" Brons

  • datumtijdthuis_ploeguit_ploegloc_naamuitslag
    16-09-201718:00WSV MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2WSV Sporthal71 - 34
    23-09-201721:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2The Valley Bucketeers MSE 2UT Sporthal A/167 - 60
    29-09-201719:15Amical MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Diekmanhal47 - 69
    07-10-201721:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2S.V.Z.W. MSE 1UT Sporthal A/140 - 49
    28-10-201720:30The Jugglers MSE 3D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Deppenbroek70 - 59
    04-11-201721:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2TONEGO '65 MSE 1UT Sporthal A/152 - 58
    11-11-201718:00B.V. Isala MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2De Kroon62 - 44
    18-11-201721:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Uitsmijters MSE 2UT Sporthal A/143 - 47
    02-12-201718:30Twente Buzzards MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Hasseleres56 - 50
    16-12-201721:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Peatminers MSE 1UT Sporthal A/160 - 40
    13-01-201819:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2WSV MSE 2UT Sporthal A/153 - 83
    19-01-201821:00The Valley Bucketeers MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Het Ravijn57 - 76
    27-01-201821:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Amical MSE 2UT Sporthal A/189 - 40
    03-02-201817:45S.V.Z.W. MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2'n Dikken85 - 71
    17-02-201821:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2The Jugglers MSE 3UT Sporthal A/167 - 46
    24-02-201819:00Peatminers MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2De Stamper57 - 55
    09-03-201821:00TONEGO '65 MSE 1D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2De Els56 - 69
    17-03-201821:15D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2B.V. Isala MSE 1UT Sporthal A/173 - 79
    24-03-201818:00Uitsmijters MSE 2D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2IISPA Breedtesporthal49 - 51
    07-04-201819:00D.B.V. Arriba MSE 2Twente Buzzards MSE 2UT Sporthal A/162 - 58

  • rangteamgespeeldpuntenvoortegensaldo
    1Twente Buzzards Mannen Senioren 24828520481
    2Uitsmijters Mannen Senioren 24826318578
    3B.V. Isala Mannen Senioren 14630124556
    4WSV Mannen Senioren 2241419348
    5D.B.V. Arriba Mannen Senioren 244210227-17
    6TONEGO '65 Mannen Senioren 122106119-13
    7The Valley Bucketeers Mannen Senioren 2322202200
    8Peatminers Mannen Senioren 142275284-9
    9S.V.Z.W. Mannen Senioren 142209279-70
    10The Jugglers Mannen Senioren 330164184-20
    11Amical Mannen Senioren 240179313-134