Welcome to Arriba!

Welcome to the website of D.B.V. Arriba. This website contains information about the club, how you can join, what activities there are and much more.

D.B.V. Arriba is the official basketball club of the University of Twente! Arriba was founded in 1964 and since then it has provided students the opportunity to play basketball in competitions or in recreational form. Because of the excellent facilities that the UT has to offer and the friendly atmosphere within the club, Arriba is the association to play basketball at!

You can play basketball at Arriba in different ways and at different levels. For the coming season, we will have 3 Mens teams and 1 Ladies team. Recreational players have a practice twice a week.

Arriba participates in the competition of District East in the Netherlands. Depending on the level of the competitions the matches are held in the Twente region or further away. For more information about D.B.V. Arriba look around on the site.