Latest update: 25-1-2022

The Dutch government has announced some relaxations of the current Covid-19 measures. We are allowed to practice and have competition games again! However, the following measures are still in use:

For the Sports Centre on campus it will work as follows:

  • All who enter the Sports Centre are checked for QR code at the Main Entrance
  • Face masks are mandatory indoors when moving around
  • The main entrance is open, south entrance only when there is enough staff. Other entrances will not open.

For other sports facilities (like for an away game), everyone will need a working qr-code. The NBB did make an exception for people who have a function during a game (like referees and coaches), however this exception does not include players.
It is also important to note that the rules mentioned above are only for people 18 or older.
If you don’t have a working QR-code, you can get one by getting tested. This works by making an appointment through this website: If the test result is negative, you will receive a QR-code that works for 24 hours.

The following basic rules will also apply:

  • Keep 1.5 meters distance
  • Do not shake hands
  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly
  • If you have symptoms: stay at home and get tested by the GGD (

Stay safe!