Match report: D.B.V. Arriba Gents 3 vs. Risne Stars Gents 1

Match report: D.B.V. Arriba Gents 3 – Risne Stars Gents 1

This time, Gents 3 had to break 3 at home in the wooden hall against the number 1 in the competition. The match started strong for the Risne Stars and they got ahead with a couple of points. Luckily, Arriba came back strong and ended the first quarter with just a couple of points behind. Read more.


The matches of Gents 3 versus S.V.Z.W. usually pose quite a challenge and this time 7 players and a Gerben set out from Enschede (and Hengelo) to answer the call. A call to break free!

The battle plan was simple: Hop off the train, put orange bouncy thing through orange high thing and be on our merry way back east before they knew what hit them. Read more.

Match Report: D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1 – Kikkers Ladies 1


11th of November we had the first game against Kikkers (Frogs) of this season. Last year we won all the games against them, but it was always difficult. So we were all a bit nervous. Judith and Anniek dropped bombs from way downtown immediately at the beginning. We started with a high tempo game, Dinah was leading in running the fast break! Read more.

Match Report: S.V.Z.W. Ladies 1 – D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1


On October 7th, we had already played against this team and won 66-42. We tried a new offense this week at practice, Jäger (not the shot), and wanted to try it at this game as well.

We started the game really unfocused, but kept coming back and at half-time the score was 31-30. We kept putting the pressure during full-court defense and got some steals this way. Read more.

Match Report: Stars ’84 Ladies 1 – D.B.V. Arriba Ladies 1


Last Saturday Ladies 1 travelled all the way to Vroomshoop to play a game against Stars’84. Since Rene had to play a game, he was not able to be coach us, so Judith was there to fill up his place. We did not start off in a good way, we had a lot of chances but we also missed a lot(not only lay-ups). Read more.

Match Report: D.B.V. Arriba vs B.V. Groningen


A tough match was ahead for the gents of Arriba when they were facing the top 3 team of B.V. Groningen. When I arrived in the hall the clock was at 15 minutes and there was no sign of the opponent, the advantage of the Enschede inaccessibility were already showing. But, after an extension of the clock, there they were: five players of B.V. Read more.