That crazy thing called … Amartano

After finishing your Bachelor’s or Master’s in Enschede you experience a great feeling of liberation. At last, you have hours of free time to spend on…, oh, I don’t know…, sleeping in for instance.

However, that feeling shouldn’t last to long, because you also have to move on, to your next studies, or your first job. And after a period of adjustment, you’ll get used to your new everyday activities, except…

You’re no longer a member of Arriba, unless you somehow managed to obtain an Extracard (previously known as Union+-card or campus card). Unfortunately, only a lucky few can continue enjoying practice, games and parties at Arriba.

To fill this gap, some former Arriba members founded Amartano. Amartano is not a basketball club, its sole purpose is to offer you an opportunity to keep in touch with your former teammates and club members.

Our most important activity is participation in Arriba’s tournaments. For the New Year’s Tournament and the ‘Slot’tournament there’s no ‘official’ Amartano team, but you’re more then welcome to participate. In the bigger ‘Breedte’- and ‘Top’-tournaments we usually participate with two or more teams representing Amartano.