ABirra Olympics

Have you tried playing different sports, but you are not skilled in any of them? Are you disappointed with the path your academic life is taking? Do you ever dream of becoming a top international athlete? Then this is your lucky day, because FeeCie productions is excited to present the event that everyone is talking about… the ABIRRA OLYMPICS. Six hours of pure competition, where the world’s best beer drinkers will battle to write their names in the books of history.🍻
Groups of 4 athletes will compete in both the most traditional and innovative beer disciplines, with the aim of earning as many points as possible for each of them and climb to the summit of the standings.⛹‍ However, not only the fastest athletes, but also the most resilient will be able to keep scoring until the end. After all the competitions, only one team will achieve the glory, and be crowned as the 1st winners in the history of the competition. This will give them a direct ticket to Tokio 2020, where they will represent D.B.V. Arriba with the amazing secret prize which they will receive.🏆
The UT campus will host the event this year, with the exact location still to determine due to the high standards of our requirements, as the stadium must include, together with the competition facilities, a majestic podium, a DJ set and a barbecue area.🎤🍗🌭 The date for the event is set to the 18th of May 2019, with the exact starting time still to be confirmed. After the event, the athletes are as well invited to join the afterparty. More information will be given through our standard means during the following weeks, regarding time, location and registration process. For now, just save the date!🙌